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ASA Properties/Middleton Partners, a private real estate investment firm, offers clients the benefits of over 30 years of partners' commercial real estate experience. Since inception, ASA Properties/Middleton Partners has been involved in over $225 million in property acquisitions and redevelopments. We invest alongside our clients, ensuring a true partnership.

ASA Properties/Middleton Partners is a firm focused on value-added opportunities. Our size and experience allow us to identify under-managed assets or undervalued markets and apply our expertise to enhance the asset's performance.

ASA Properties/Middleton Partners invests for its own account, and on behalf of a select few like-minded partners. The list of services ASA Properties/Middleton Partners provides includes: Asset management, acquisitions and dispositions; Supervisory property management, leasing and construction; Under-performing equity and specialized asset management; Development.

For more information regarding ASA Properties/Middleton Partners, please contact us:

Mitchel A. Greenberg
ASA Properties/
Middleton Partners
400 Skokie Blvd. Suite 405
Northbrook, IL 60062

M: 847-924-4400
P: 224-406-9510
F: 224-406-9530

Keith Jaffee
M: 847-757-3812

Peter Holstein
M: 847 331 0999

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